Darth Taiter's Armor (Pics)

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    Darth Taiter's Armor (Pics)

    I'm doing this with one of my Mando-minded friends, Getal, who I think is registered here too...
    Okay, finally took the steps to get this started! We're using the trash-can armor idea/patterns and ended up fitting a lot of pieces on one large can, and will get two chest medallions on it too (I left that pattern in the van, but found it and will trace it next time). Nothing is cut out yet, but that is the next step. I took a few pics and had some fun with the pieces as is as well.

    I know some of the pieces touch on the can, but I cut the pattern 1/8" larger to allow for some elbow room, so everything should work out in the end. I know right now I'm going to have to do something different for my own chest plates because they will indeed stick out way too far. Even if I find just enough Sintra for the upper chest plates, that will be good enough--just so I can form them better.

    I will add more pics later as comp is slow right now, and I also posted this at Mercs as well, but wanted to share the progress with all my Mando friends...

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    Re: Darth Taiter's Armor (Pics)

    WoOT! Bout time =)

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    Re: Darth Taiter's Armor (Pics)

    I know, it was! LOL

    I can't tell you how good it felt to get it started--that's the hardest part. It's just gets me more excited seeing it come to life! ...like Frankenstein... hehe

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    Re: Darth Taiter's Armor (Pics)

    watch out r2d2, there's a new trash can in town

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    Re: Darth Taiter's Armor (Pics)

    CombatBaby said: View Post
    watch out r2d2, there's a new trash can in town

    Can't wait to see it all cut up.

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    Re: Darth Taiter's Armor (Pics)

    The Clayster said: View Post

    Can't wait to see it all cut up.

    I can't either LOL

    With the holidays, that part might not happen til after the new year, then it will be part of my resolutions
    I'm going to be BUSY! Just went over the social calendar for this month, and there's more functions to attend than I know what to do with--2 work related, one for my bowling night, one at my daughter's school, and at least 3 family-related.

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    Re: Darth Taiter's Armor (Pics)

    OH--I need to update! I did actually get things cut out! LOL

    ...have a helmet and got started on it, and forming of my collar and shoulder pieces:

    And a couple of my mom's cat "inspecting" my handiwork...

    I am using a 2-piece Jango Rubies helmet I bought off eBay for around $40 total. I figured it was going to get customized anyway, so I wanted to save money and go with a less-expensive piece. As you can see from pics, I have the visor out and will paint the helmet before tinting the visor how I want it and putting it back in. After padding the helm and some detail painting, my buy'ce will be done!

    (Side note: a certain little girl of mine told me she wants a set of her own for next year...I'm gonna be busy!)

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    Re: Darth Taiter's Armor (Pics)

    Looking good. And 40 for that helmet, actually looks pretty good.

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