Cuyan's Beskar'gam

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    Cuyan's Beskar'gam

    Su'cuy anade! I had these pics on this page, but thought I should put them here. You can read about me/my armor there.
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    Re: Cuyan's Beskar'gam

    Looking good

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    Re: Cuyan's Beskar'gam

    Nice work vod. Very nice!!!!

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    Re: Cuyan's Beskar'gam

    Thanks! I'm gonna try to update soon...

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    Re: Cuyan's Beskar'gam

    Finally, some updates! cut and attached back plates. they look better when they're on me. Still need to be painted, tho. Also am making guns. please excuse quality of pics, they were on my phone

    And a pic of boba...
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    Re: Cuyan's Beskar'gam

    cool! I like ur work!

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    Re: Cuyan's Beskar'gam

    hey nice work, espically the helmet!

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