Custom Mando Warrior

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    Custom Mando Warrior

    Hi there ;D

    I like the custom Mando Idea and start to build my own. First I build the Helmet. Frame and Faceplate are made with aluminium. The Dome is made from WWII US Helmet Liner.

    I hope you like it

    Starting with 1,5mm aluminium sheet and the cool Template from WOF but I deceide to make a new design.

    Fiber Helmet Liner fits perfekt!

    It seems that I had to use a lot of Bondo for the Helmet

    Here is the result

    The Helmet is done and now I start with the Gear and the Guns ....

    Next pics will follow soon.


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    Re: Custom Mando Warrior

    Well, it's very nice clean work.

    My concern is that it doesn't look very mandalorian without the indented cheeks. It just looks like a cool scifi helmet to me.

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    Re: Custom Mando Warrior

    Really diggin' the rangefinder!

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    Re: Custom Mando Warrior

    Nice bucket though it's missin th' indented cheeks I like th' symbol on th' front. What did ya make th' range finder out of? I'd like ta see where this is headed.

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    Re: Custom Mando Warrior

    I like what you did with the visor. I am also thinking about going refelctive with my bucket. The symbol is awesome too.

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