Custom Mando Stuff - Vests, Holsters and flight suits

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    Custom Mando Stuff - Vests, Holsters and flight suits

    Hello all.
    I have services available for holsters (made of geniune leather), vests and flight suits.

    Accepting custom flight suits, vests and holster rigs.

    1. Orders will typically take 3 - 4 weeks to complete.

    2. Should order not fit you, i would get them shipped back at my expense for a realteration / replacement whichever i see fit. PROVIDED THAT THE ORDER DID NOT COME IN THE CORRECT MEASUREMENTS PROVIDED BY YOU.

    3. Orders should be paid in full upon placing an order.

    4. Paypal only

    5. Buyer pays all shipping, handling and insurance, whichever applicable.

    Any queries or interestes, Kindly PM me...

    Prices are typical of what I am offering for Jango fett getup.
    But if you need it special and different, just pm and we can discuss.
    Flight suits can be of almost ANY CMYK colour you can provide.

    Jango Fett Flight Suit[/SIZE]
    - Material is a Composite of Cotton and wiscott-nylon
    - Light, comfortable and durable for trooping
    - ALSO AVAILABLE IN ALMOST ANY CMYK colour for custom mandalorians.
    USD$120 (excluding shipping)

    ================================================== =======

    Jango Fett Vest

    - Material is a kind of faux leather
    - Light, comfortable and durable for trooping

    USD$105(excluding shipping)

    #note: Jet pack slots will not be included. zippers on side or back are optional. Pls include in order if you like one or both of them.


    Jango Fett Westar Holster Rig

    - Material is genuine cow hide
    - Very durable for trooping

    USD$275(excluding shipping)

    available colours for custom mandalorians

    ================================================== ===

    Buy a vest, flight suit and holster rig, and enjoy a discount!



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    Re: Custom Mando Stuff - Vests, Holsters and flight suits

    Are you still making the holsters? If so I'd like to buy a set. I'm using them for SASS cowboy shooting. I would need them a little wider at the top to fit the cylinder of my six shooters. Can you do that? Whats he cost?

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