Custom Mando Helm

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    Custom Mando Helm

    I'm new here and this is my first project like this so helpful suggestions and tips would be highly valued. When I say "custom" I mean completely reworking the helmet and armor to my designs and not just slight tweaks.
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    Re: Custom Mando Helm

    Currently I am in the design process and I have made concept art (one picture ) and I have started on my slightly detailed final render. Unfortunatly, I cannot seem to hit the, semi detailed final render, right on the nose (figure of speech). Does anyone have a suggestion for an allteraion to the render for it to look like my better looking concept art?
    This is my concept art

    Please excuse the armor. I was thinking about lord of the rings at the time

    This is render

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    Re: Custom Mando Helm

    looks great, man! The only thing is that the helmet looks alittle thin. If you made the helmet accordingly to your drawings, you might not be able to get your head in it. Likewise, if you made a helmet that fit you properly, but still kept the elongated design, the helmet might be too big overall for your likings. This is just my opinion.
    However, it's a really cool and creative design, and I can't wait to see how it turns out

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    Re: Custom Mando Helm

    Hmmm... It appears that your right. Guess I missed that one. However, I was planning on having the helmet a little longer in terms of below the chin (sorry, in the concept art, the helmet is too high on the head) alomst a little like the imperial gaurd, but not have the plastic swoop down around the shoulders.

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    Re: Custom Mando Helm

    Oh... I just relized I forgot to tell everyone how I was making the helmet. I was first going to make my initial master out of oil based clay, do a quick mold of it, cast it, bondo it, make a mold of it, cast it, paint it, cast more, sell them to all you guys Speaking of which, would anybody buy one of these If I were to make them goog quality?

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    Re: Custom Mando Helm

    Quick update: I tried fitting my "imaginary" head into the helmet. It looks like I'll be rethinking the design a bit. So for the render, does anyone have a suggestion to make it Not look like an old bucket (maybe less lines going strait uo and down. Thoughts?)
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    Re: Custom Mando Helm

    Sorry, there is still nothing very interesting. But, I made a better render, this time they are digital.

    This is without elongation.

    This is with.

    Very subtle difference. I think I like the elongated version better.

    BTW, I'm going to change that left ear to what it's supposed to be.

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