Custom Mando/Armor Attachment Help!

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    Custom Mando/Armor Attachment Help!

    Hi everyone,

    I started making mando costumes about 6 years ago. I started with duct tape, then moved to card board. At that point I started looking for some patterns and spent some time on this forum. I found wizardofflight's templates and set to work. I made the armor and jetpack all out of cardboard and had a great time doing it. During that time, I found a thread about "trash can armor" and thought that would be great. About a year later, I was at target and found the right size trash cans!

    I created Core-Hunter, my custom Mandalorian. Almost 3 years later, I'm looking for a way to attach the armor better and I need your help! I attached sticky velcro to the back of the armor pieces, and to the cloth I was wearing. It didn't stick well, especially the leg pieces fell off easily. What should I do?

    Here are some pictures of my "Mando Timeline":

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    Re: Custom Mando/Armor Attachment Help!

    Hi. TDH is not a big place. You do not need to start 3 threads on the same topic.

    People seem to be using various methods, like elastic straps going through the flight suit, and metal snaps. Here's an example thread:

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    Re: Custom Mando/Armor Attachment Help!

    The sticky velcro needs to be "industrial strength". AND most important, use the sticky velcro on plates only, NOT the fabric. You should use regular, non-sticky velcro and sew it on the fabric.

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