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    Custom Mando

    Hi guys this the start of my custom Mando looking at doing mando /commander cody style cross over, the helmet will be repainted

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    Re: Custom Mando

    This may come off as nitpicky, but I'm saying the following to help you.

    That's going to severely hamper your vision!

    You may need to cut it to make it flush to the helmet, as I see a bit of the visor sticking out at the side and it will also make your rangefinder useless (in practical terms, so you could use the earpiece as a mounting point.

    Personally, I would scrap the hood that you have and make a new one up to follow the contours of the mando bucket's features, at the moment it looks cool but doesn't really fit to the bucket. You could make it out of card and reinforce with resin, or make it out of plastic, it shouldn't be that hard to replicate the object, in fact you could use it as a template.

    I like your idea and I hope you take my comments as constructive criticism and you are entirely free to ignore me too

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    Re: Custom Mando

    Thanks for the tips, I'am willing to listen to other the more ideas i get the better i can make it thats whats great about these forums the knowledge
    that others can share.

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    Re: Custom Mando

    One of the Rancor Clan members in Ohio did a Cody inspired helmet. Runi bulked his up with a bit of bondo to make it look more conformed to the helmet, and I believe elongated the stems on the sides to give it a fuller look.

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    Re: Custom Mando

    Also, Runi used a resin Cody visor that was made specifically for clone helmets (not licensed, basically). There seems to be a big difference in shape and size. The one you are using seems a bit small compared to the helmet. Is that the version that comes off the Hasbro Cody helmets? (are those out yet?)

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    Re: Custom Mando

    Here is an update pic of my mando still have to pad helmet,paint knees and paint gaunts and also adjust chest armor.

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