Custom Jet Pack XM-1a

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    Custom Jetpack XM-1a

    Hey all, here are some shots of my custom built jet pack. Its in its first version, untill i upgrade it to its next version. I have a ton of interior space for random lights etc...those will come later. Sorry for the quality of the pix, as these were taken with my webcam. Also not it is attatched to my jet pack, as i frequently have to get dressed alone during filming, so i dont want to un-do it.






    note: i have not added some greeblies such as thrust nossels in the shrouds, etc

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    Re: Custom Jetpack XM-1a

    Nice lookin custom pack Jason! Looks killer, & the smybols on the back give it great detail!

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    Re: Custom Jetpack XM-1a

    thx matt, here are soem closeups...

    notice the various 501st/TDH/Club badges, and some arrubesh(basic) and some logos from the boba fett pack...

    top cluster

    Commo Cluster

    EDIT: god my web cam sux

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    Re: Custom Jetpack XM-1a

    LoL, that's alot of sponsors! Awesome work your doing man - BTW.. maybe for X-Mas you should ask for a digi cam

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    Re: Custom Jetpack XM-1a

    Thats very cool man, think thats the first custom JP ive seen in a long long time. Keep it up - Tim

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    Re: Custom Jetpack XM-1a

    Cool design, did you design it your self.

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    Re: Custom Jetpack XM-1a

    yes, i designed it myself...

    here are some update pics as i added my TWIN ROCKET SYSTEM.

    once again excuse the quality of these images as my web cam is...well,it needs to be upgraded

    *NOTE: i have not yet installed the nose cones on these yet

    Rear right side

    rear view (side facing me)

    Rear left side

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    Re: Custom Jetpack XM-1a

    Nice upgrade my friend! I like the new look

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    Re: Custom Jetpack XM-1a

    Looking good!!!!!!!

    Now you need to get a pic of you wearing it for size reference.

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