CON swords

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    CON swords

    okay i know that you can bring a real or metal sword to cons but what if i make a resin sword?

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    Re: CON swords

    You might be able to unsheathe that, seeing as it is not real.
    Normally they do not allow you to unsheathe metal blades.

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    Re: CON swords

    What about wooden? I was going to use a wooden sword as my besk'kad (sword of mandolorian iron). Will I have to make a sheath for it?

    thanks in advance

    Oya Manda!

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    Re: CON swords

    I was thinking of using a wooden practice sword for one of my custom mandos, so yes, thats something you might think of. Most cons make all knives be peace bonded into a sheath,etc. So the only chance of getting to draw one would be of something less deadly. Such as wood, or yes resin. I know Straighedge has a Jayne blade thats been cast in resin, and they came out fairly nice.

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