Hello all, I have spent so much time over on the RPF that I have neglected this account entirely. I just realized that I never posted this build here from a few months ago and wanted to share it now. Back when everything was rolling with the "As you wish" helmet project, I was inspired to do something with an unfinished Mando helmet I had laying around. One night I was tinkering with an Iron Man faceplate project and made a joke picture for my friend with the faceplate on the front of the Mando helmet, thus my project was born! I spoke of it often while building the helmet as being inspired by the As you wish project and made sure everyone understood that I was not actually involved with the project itself. I shared a build WIP on the RPF through the whole process and one day Discovered that Spideyfett was also by coincidence building his own version of a Boba/Iron Man mashup that WAS for the charity event. At that point, to avoid any confusion of the 2 projects, I stopped mentioning the event in my updates and write up as it would have been unfair to Alex's project for mine to be confused in there too. I have a write up on my build blog here, Weaselhammer Props: Iron Man / Boba Fett crossover helmet