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    Hey everyone! I'm working on my first custom Mando costume for Star Wars Celebration 2015! I have my buddies helping me with the armor and everything else is pretty much handled but the things I just can't find is the black flight suit and some gloves for costuming that would fit and not kill my budget. I see the flight suit that everyone uses for boba fett but i can't find it anywhere or in black. If anyone could help a fellow mando lover out I would really appreciate it! I'm looking for a black flight suit preferably as inexpensive as possible hahaha Thanks everyone!
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    Cheap black flight suits can be found on amazon. Then you can modify them to be more SW like, or leave them the same. Lots of different gloves out there. Do you want pilot nomex style gloves, leather Jango style, boba Style or x-wing pilot style gloves?
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    This question recently popped up

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