Armour and Helmet Inspiration

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    Armour and Helmet Inspiration

    I am new here on TDH and would like some guidance on the inspiration for my first Mandolorian armour design.
    Looking at designs for the Clone airborne trooper from Ep3 (Utapau assault) and `Commander Keller' Bucket design ( from the clone wars comic, issue unknown..) could I incorporate these design elements into an mandalorian armour package ( primarily helmet design), without leaving creating a great set of mandalorian armour behind me.
    I'm probably overthinking this but I would really appreciate some input from you guys,
    Many thanks,
    P.S I really like the solid look of these helmets coupled with the fact I am an active 120 kilogram guy ( not sure what that is in pounds), who doesnt want my bucket to look like pimple on an elephants behind.
    Sorry we Kiwis can be a little crude ay? , look at our bro Tem!

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    Re: Armour and Helmet Inspiration

    Come on over to the Mandalorian Mercs board and we'll help you out. There's a lot of great guys over here, too, but we specialize in customs at the Mercs.
    As far as your custom idea goes, I've honestly been hoping someone would use that helmet on a custom eventually. I plan to at some point.

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    Re: Armour and Helmet Inspiration

    yeah im gonna use that on the ARC i eventually intend building...may make it a null cause one of the guys in my clan has a kal and another is working on a kal!

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    Re: Armour and Helmet Inspiration

    Actually, sounds like a great idea.

    I'm doing something along the same lines myself. While still going with the standard(ish) armor parts I am painting them in a scheme heavily inspired by an EPIII Galactic Marine.
    I plan on using a Jango helmet, modified with said paint scheme plus a green tinted visor.

    Here's hoping they all turn out well.

    You at least have the advantage of the accent, I have to fake mine!

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