ABS for gauntlets??

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    ABS for gauntlets??

    I've searched a bit, and actually have a fairly basic question. When you guys are building stuff out of ABS, do you mean the foam core pipe used for plumbing? Or is it a sheet? I can get all the pipe in the world, as my friend is a plumbing contractor. Sheets though I have no idea...

    Also, Ive read somewhere that you can pop it in the oven then form it to shape? If thats true, what temp should I be working at?

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    Re: ABS for gauntlets??

    In the context of gauntlets, it's typically sheets that are heated up and then sucked down over a positive sculpture via a strong vacuum. Folks typically don't heat them up and shape them by hand.

    Look up vacuum forming and thermoforming and you'll find a ton of examples.

    I have a video here that shows my vac forming setup:

    (it's blocked in Germany... I have to go back and take out the music)

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    Re: ABS for gauntlets??

    The plastic can be easily found in hardware stores in the signage areas
    (forsale, open/close, etc...), but be aware that those signs tend to be very thin, so when you form a peice you will probably want to re-inforce it afterward with that stuff.

    Additionally you can get foamed pvc in sheets, its known by a few trade names like sintra and foamex. The various 3-4 mm thickness sheets can be good for vac-forming.

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    Re: ABS for gauntlets??

    So I got some lengths of PVC from by buddy for my gauntlets, and I'm already what feels like miles ahead. I had originally bout some For Sale signs made of styrene, but after cutting out a set of WOF's templates for just the left gauntlet, I was getting nowhere. I used a combo of hot glue, and super glue. And basically just pissed away a few hours. Got the temps cut out and onto the signs, once I started gluing though, things went bad, real bad.. No fault on WOF, or anyone else, of course. Simply my impatient nature, coupled with, well, my impatient nature.

    So, I have a WIP on my gaunts. They will NOT be Fett rep's... Simply because I'm out of time to do so much detail. But, I may have a simpler method, that'll fit in with the trashcan armor that is somewhat popular with the casual Fett builder. I'll post some pics of my build soon.

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    Re: ABS for gauntlets??

    Alrighty then. Got some pieces cut out for my gaunts. Bear with me I've got a few pics to go with, I just don't know how to post them.. Whats the easiest way?

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    Re: ABS for gauntlets??

    A few pics of what I've been doing...photo0180-jpg

    4" PVC fits my arm pretty good. Cut all the way along one side, held in place with zip ties and marked it.


    Cut along the mark, this is how much needed to be removed to "fit".


    This is after I heated it up. Fits decent. Copied procedure for left arm.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails photo0171-jpg   photo0186-jpg   photo0179-jpg  

    photo0175-jpg   photo0170-jpg   photo0178-jpg  

    photo0167-jpg   photo0187-jpg   photo0185-jpg  

    photo0182-jpg   photo0183-jpg   photo0184-jpg  

    photo0169-jpg   photo0177-jpg   photo0188-jpg  

    photo0172-jpg   photo0166-jpg   photo0173-jpg  


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    Re: ABS for gauntlets??

    Whoops. Went overboard with the pics. They kind of speak for themselves I guess... LOL... The toecap on my boot doesn't look quite so bulky in real life,, Anything in silver is just the first coat. Trying my hand at the "layering" technique. Keep in mind this is my very first build, and with trashcans to boot!!!! Except the shinguards, obviously. My mountain biking friends will think I'm loco..

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    Re: ABS for gauntlets??

    So, long story short, I cut and shaped the basic gauntlet "tubes" in roughly 30 minutes. Now my next step is to attach my weapons and the like. Thinking a missile on the right, and some really big darts on the left, and a type of secondary armor "shield" fer defense. Maybe a touch of bondo to smooth things out.. Let you know tomorrow.

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    Re: ABS for gauntlets??

    I think maybe you had this posted in the wrong section. You should ask a mod to move it to the custom mandalorian section.

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    Re: ABS for gauntlets??

    Yeah, your probably right. I'll do that.

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