3D Printing Mando Helmet

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    3D Printing Mando Helmet

    Taking a break from my first scratch build because we got a new 3D printer at work and I thought...."I wonder"

    Sure enough, there was a plan for a Boba bucket on grabcad.com. I had to cut the dome off and print it separately because it was too tall for the printer. It's also a little angular, but that's ok because I will fiberglass and bondo it to strengthen and smooth it anyway.

    The dome took 15 hours and the bottom part is still printing (20 hours in at this point) and has about 10 hours to go...so it's an exercise in patience

    Anyway...here are some pics so far:

    Dome (15 hrs to print)

    face mask at 15 hours

    face mask at 20 hours

    Like I said...about 10 hours to go and then I'll test fit them together and go from there. First time doing this so keeping my fingers crossed

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    Re: 3D Printing Mando Helmet

    Cant wait to see the results, I just downloaded that grabcad file and plan on printing when I get back to school

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    Re: 3D Printing Mando Helmet

    that is sick.....i want a 3d printer now!
    keep it up!

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    Re: 3D Printing Mando Helmet

    Finally finished! The helmet had to be sliced off in the 3D file as mentioned above, so it needs to be reattached (it sits low in the pics) But all in all a great skeleton! Next is the fiberglass/bondo stage. Also tried printing the earcaps but they are not flat on the bottom and do not print well. Had one that might be passable, and would have been fine if they had been printed with the helmet, but it would not have fit on the bed with them on I'll probably make some or order some resin ones. Anyway...here is the final print...


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    Re: 3D Printing Mando Helmet

    Have you tried printing the ear caps in 2pc? So it it will fit the curvature of the helmet?

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