I wanted to let everybody know that acting like children on this board will not be tolerated. We do not care who you are. No one person or group will keep people from not coming to TDH. If you act like a child we will treat you like one. This means we will put in in "time out"/banned for a set amount of time. Right now I am leaning towards 1 week for each post.

What does this mean? If you start a post and somebody wants to start something in it, be the bigger person and let it go. You do not need to respond. If you have a question in a person post, be polite. It is not hard to do. In either case, you can just do the easy thing and just don't say anything. Just let it go.

There are currently 2 people that I am personally watching. The bickering that is going on runs more people away than anything else. So, cut it out!

So, act like a child and we will treat you like one. Act like an adult and get treated like one. If this seems to hard for you to follow, then maybe TDH is not for you.