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    Aug 10, 2009, 11:02 AM - Want to help TDH but have no funds to donate? #1

    From time to time we get a PM or email with the following:

    “I would really like to support TDH, but money is tight and I don’t have any to spare, is there anything else I can do for TDH?”

    As a matter of fact, there is!

    While TDH needs donations to pay the bills, one of the most important aspects of the board is its popularity and ability to be found by new members. You can help TDH grow and continue to provide the best costume information by:
    • placing links to TDH on your personal website
    • creating a blog post about us on your personal blog which includes a link
    • making a comment on twitter/facebook which includes a link
    • adding a link to us in your signature on other boards

    Search engines like Google place a lot of emphasis on links and if there are many links spread across the internet to a particular site, Google takes that as an indication that the site is useful and trustworthy and will move that site higher in its search results.

    So, do we have a banner for you to use? Actually we don’t. If you link to us, we would prefer you use a text link, and most importantly, that you include the words “boba fett costume” in the link. By creating a link to TDH with just the name “The Dented Helmet” in the link, search engines have difficulty knowing what the link is in reference to but if you add key words such as “The Dented Helmet – The Definitive Boba Fett Costume Resource” or even something as simple as "The Boba Fett Costume Resource" Google then is able to not only have a link but have an idea to the content of what the link points to!

    When linking to TDH, please always link to our front page unless referring someone to a specific topic or thread. Our front page is at

    What is a good link?

    <a href=""The Boba Fett Costume Resource</a>
    If you choose to create a link to us, please do not make "click here" your link as that will not help us as much because Google has difficulty determining what our content is by the words "click here".

    If you post a blog or make a link to us, please post here and let us know! While we do need your continued monetary donations, adding links to us will also greatly benefit the site and assure our continued popularity and success. The best part is that this is free to do, costing you only a few minutes of time! Thanks in advance for your continued support!
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