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  1. boba trooper's Avatar
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    Jul 11, 2012, 5:51 PM - Re: TDH / RPF at Manchester #26

    Still waiting on details
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  3. jakefox24's Avatar
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    Jan 2011
    Jul 12, 2012, 5:22 PM - Re: TDH / RPF at Manchester #27

    ok matey
  4. jakefox24's Avatar
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    Jan 2011
    Jul 17, 2012, 1:09 PM - Re: TDH / RPF at Manchester #28

    Any info yet boba trooper ?
  5. boba trooper's Avatar
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    Aug 2007
    Jul 19, 2012, 3:59 PM - Re: TDH / RPF at Manchester #29

    ok jake here is the info I have just received from simon on the RPF

    OK Guys

    Here is a Little update

    What would a UK RPF event be if there were no problems and this event is full of them but its not for you guys to stress about thats my Job

    I do not have any news regarding Parking passes at this point this along with the other problems that have occured will i assume be sorted on the day, thats if we get any at all.

    Wrist Bands for those Members displaying will also be given out on the day.

    I have never been to the venue before, therefore we will meet at 7.00am Sharp outside the venue by then i should have been given the details on where we go to unload and as before we will then all travel into the venue together to set up.

    I like to promote unity at these events, we all help and look after each other rather than fighting over the best spots so please we are all RPF members together so lets help each other.

    venue address
    Manchester Central (the old gmex)
    M2 3GX


    Your Props
    DO NOT TOUCH notices
    Blue or Black table cloths
    Food and drink

    The Venue will be very busy saturday morning with lots of vendors setting up, there will be last minute hitches and problems out of my control

    so please be patient with me on the day
  6. Jul 22, 2012, 12:12 PM - Re: TDH / RPF at Manchester #30

    Any reports from this?
  7. boba trooper's Avatar
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    Aug 2007
    Jul 22, 2012, 1:35 PM - Re: TDH / RPF at Manchester #31

    Should have a report and pics up tomorrow still recovering from a superb day that was had by all that attended.
  8. jakefox24's Avatar
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    Jul 23, 2012, 3:37 PM - Re: TDH / RPF at Manchester #32

    As an event virgin I'd Like to thank all the guys from the TDH and RPF who made me feel very welcome , Had a great time and hopefully made some good new friends ! Again Thanks Guys and see you all at Birmingham ..... Jake
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  9. Member Since
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    Jul 23, 2012, 5:37 PM - Re: TDH / RPF at Manchester #33

    Great Meeting you Jake, we got off on the wrong foot leading upto this event but im glad you came and im glad we had the chance to chat, i hope i went someway to explain how stressful but enjoyable organising these things can be....

    Big Thanks to Dave and DCProps for all their help.............. Thanks Guys

    As far as event reports and pictures go, im not actually prepared to share any to be honest. This is the second event i've put together for you guys to come along for FREE and meet like minded individuals and talk Props and all things TDH.

    To have 3 members from the vast UK member base we have here is pretty shocking really, the TDH isn't just about displaying Fett Props its about showing unity and friendship and meeting fellow members, you dont have to come and just display your FETT stuff you can display anything in your replica Movie collections.

    Im really disappointed to be honest i can't hide that fact, plenty of notice is given out to offer this great opportunity to attend some of the biggest shows in the UK

    Im seriously thinking is it worth while including the TDH in future event invites ......... its your call

    November is going to be a massive event for the RPF i want to achieve the biggest UK gathering of Fetts Boba and Jango for the Ultimate picture with Jeremy Bulloch

    Are the uk Members of the TDH willing to step upto the plate and help with this ?/
  10. Jul 24, 2012, 3:47 AM - Re: TDH / RPF at Manchester #34

    Glad it was a good event mate, Saw the photos on FB and it looked fantastic.
    With regards to the turnout, I really think the location played a big part of. With Bham its very central to most folks, literally half hour-hour drive. With Manchester, folks like me or people a similar distance away, who would love nothing more than to come, its just a little to far. It probably easier if your staying for the two days, but if your only up there for the day, to travel that far and back in the same day is going to be a killer. And the train isnt really an option with peoples suits.

    I think if you have the next event in Bham, apposed to London as you mention on the RPF, you will get a much better response and turnout from people due to just the location. Plus its the event that started it all, which was fantastic. I think to have it there again for a second year will be great, folks loved the stall last time and I can see people coming again to specifically see the stall. Plus you got the Fett man himself there, which will bring in more fett heads.

    You can count me in for Bham if it happens there again
  11. boba trooper's Avatar
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    Aug 2007
    Jul 24, 2012, 8:24 AM - Re: TDH / RPF at Manchester #35

    I agree with Simon on this one guys it was a poor turnout from the TDH which should have been alot better but location is always a factor in these things and hopefully we will get a much better turnout at birmingham in november, I will put up details in a few weeks time as there is alot going on for Simon over the next month as he is getting married, so a Big Congratz to him and his girly Jackie (superfem of the femtrooper squad) there two of the nicest people you could ever meet and so much fun to be with, its always a pleasure to do the shows with them and all the other guys that done it including RS pros Si and Rob, Rich (fettster and his mate) jakefox as it was great to meet him and the other guys who had some amazing stuff, also a big shout to brian and lyndsey muir for being there as there such super people and great to talk to about his past movies and what he is working on now, also to clothears and the guys from germany and italy for coming over and to catfoodrob with his dalek and intero droid, was great to meet such nice people and had a great time with them all. Now onto the pics.

    Till the next one in birmingham

    Dave (DC props)
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  12. jakefox24's Avatar
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    Jul 24, 2012, 6:17 PM - Re: TDH / RPF at Manchester #36

    Nice pics Dave , again it was a pleasure to of met you all and thanks again for making me feel welcome . Seem'd Like i'd known you all for a long time ! Those who didn't go missed out on a cracking day .. See you in Brum ...... Jake
  13. Mojo Fett's Avatar
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    Jul 25, 2012, 1:30 AM - Re: TDH / RPF at Manchester #37

    Cool pics...
    Is that a HH Magneto lid Dave?
  14. boba trooper's Avatar
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    Jul 25, 2012, 4:16 AM - Re: TDH / RPF at Manchester #38

    Them helmets where by panus props of Italy really nice too and the iron man helmet he had was lovely, saying that all the props on display where superb
  15. DarthMiller's Avatar
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    Jul 28, 2012, 7:50 PM - Re: TDH / RPF at Manchester #39

    awesome picture of Cinema Gary from TDH in his Boba Fett suit!!

    Gary's suit was done by Spideyfett and myself a few years ago...good to see it is still holding up!!

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