SR - INBOX / Props etc / Family

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    SR - INBOX / Props etc / Family

    I appreciate all of the kind words and interest. I wanted to answer some questions, give some info here so I can save PMS. I have been real-life inundated with medical, family, taxes and work.

    I accidentally deleted my pm's today. There were quite a few messages unread. I have had dialogues going for the last week with a few of you.

    I deleted the first page instead of the last page on accident. So I just emptied the whole thing.

    If someone has sent me something important please re-send it. Please include the 'reply info' in the message or fill me in on what we were talking about.

    My wife g in for her third round of chemo after her emergency surgery. She is doing well considering. Shes working part time, and spending a lot of time with her family (They flew in from korea and stayed 2 weeks with her, thank you for your orders, they paid for their trip.)

    She goes in this week for her third round if her white blood cells are high enough. Thanks again for everyone that is asking.


    Because I deleted my inbox, im behind the 8-ball on what I was doing.

    I Have the following going on that I can remember.
    Ultraviolet -> Send part for sidearm
    Dreamcrusher -> Not happy with Silver HIC -> Sending it back and I am refunding you $ + shipping
    DarthVoorhees -> Needs some makeup parts, but I lost the pm please resend.
    Sent 1 full greeble kit yesterday standard mail (dropped after work may be leaving this morning).

    Im sorry for the inconvenience.

    Upcoming things to look for:
    Have the 1 silver hic to selll when its returned discounted of course.
    Foam guns are moving along. Darth Voorhees has one of the barrells (ROTJ) Feel free to ask him his opinion.
    Going to start a new run on interior kits (Have been getting a lot of inquiries lately.

    Happy tax season

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    Re: SR - INBOX / Props etc / Family

    Sending it now...i copied the old "sent" message...

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    Re: SR - INBOX / Props etc / Family

    Hey man, good to hear from you. Just wanted to ask what happened to the Nemrod holster replica run? I had the payment ready to go some time ago but at that time you were out of rubber material.


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    Stormrider when you get to interior kits I would like one. I will pay in advance if needed. I am in no rush. I can PM you if you would like. Hope all goes well on the home front.

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    Re: SR - INBOX / Props etc / Family

    Also looking to get a Helmet Interior Kit from you. Was one of the peeps trying to contact through PM about it.

    Best regards.

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