Site problems?

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    Site problems?

    For a few days now I have had problems pulling up TDH. I try tapatalk, iOS, & explorer. Tapatalk gives an error and regular browsers say the server isn't responding. This is usually in the day time, then in afternoon/evening I can get on.

    Is this happening to anyone else?

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    Re: Site problems?

    Everyone...unfortunately there is an issue with the server for Movie Props LLC's Sites spoke with Art about it yesterday thought he had it worked out and then this morning the sites were down. The techs are working it.

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    Re: Site problems?

    I have the server not responding problem with TDH and the RPF at various times all throughout the day and night.

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    Re: Site problems?

    Karasuryn said: View Post
    I have the server not responding problem with TDH and the RPF at various times all throughout the day and night.
    As F4R said, this is a Movie Props LLC (this includes TDH, The RPF and The Hunter's Lair) server move problem and includes all the mentioned sites/forums. They said on the RPF that this server move and its problem will last from several days to a couple of weeks (or so).

    From this thread on the RPF (one week ago):

    Art Andrews said: View Post
    The first step in our server move has been completed successfully. We moved one of our servers to a new host. You will probably see a slight delay or slowdown as our front-facing server and back end server are temporarily on separate hosts. We will be testing for the next two weeks with this configuration. Once that is done, we will move the other server over as well.

    Thanks for your patience while we make this move.
    And this thread (2 days ago):

    Art Andrews said: View Post
    Just want to make a quick note that we recently moved our web server to a new host (soon to be followed by our db server). We are experiencing some issues and outages as a result of the move. Please be patient with us as we work through these problems.


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    Re: Site problems?

    Thanks guys. I haven't checked RPF in awhile or I might have seen that lol!

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    Re: Site problems?

    We should be finally coming out of the woods in regard to these issues. Thanks for your patience!

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