Hi guys. Can you tell I am out of school for a couple of weeks and am having a chance to catch up on some much-needed updates?

Anyway, you will notice we have added a number of new prefixes in two forums; Boba Fett Soft Parts & Belts, and Boba Fett Jet Pack, Blasters & Shin Tools. When creating a new thread, please use them!

So why are we adding the prefixes? Because there is another merge coming. For those who remember "As You Wish" virtually every Boba part had its own forum! Slowly over the years, we have merged the smaller forums together into larger forums so you don't have to go to 20 different forums. In all that time we have had one major deficiancy; no "general" Boba Fett forum. Where do you go to post your completed Fett? Most people simply throw it into the Sarlacc Pit, but that is not where it should go.

We are currently working on a new merge (mostly likely of the soft packs and jetpack forum into a General Boba forum so we will finally have what we have needed for so long. With so many different pieces being discussed in one forum, we need to be able to quickly identify what is what, which again is the reason for the prefixes.