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    Apr 22, 2009, 10:01 AM - More social networking updates - facebook and myspace #1

    We have now added software that will allow you to add your myspace and facebook accounts to TDH, much like you are currently able to add msn, aim, and yahoo messenger.

    There are a few minor differences in setting these up.

    To setup your accounts, go to MyHelmet and then choose Edit Your Details from the menu bar on the left. Scroll to the very bottom of the Detail page and you will find a box for social networking information.

    To get these working you must add you PROFILE ID in the respective FaceBook or MySpace fields:

    FaceBook: If your FaceBook profile link is..

    You would paste 1638992840 in the FaceBook Friend ID field.

    MySpace: If your MySpace profile link is..

    You would paste 236497885 in the MySpace Profile ID field.
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