Just saying, 'Howdy'!!!

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    Just saying, 'Howdy'!!!

    Just dropping a note to say 'Hi' . This resource is amazing!!! I'm really excited to have found this site!!! I'm a BIG Boba Fett fan and I have constant debates on Jango vs Boba w/ my HS students!!! They are influenced by the prequels and I find them to draw more towards Jango as opposed to Boba!! i'm a Boba man myself!!! take care and I hope to learn a ton from you guys!! Peace.


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    Re: Just saying, 'Howdy'!!!

    Welcome to TDH!

    Well, you have a big ace in your hand regarding your debates with your friends: without Boba there wasn't Jango. It's a bit confusing because of the movie's timeline, but as the production's chronology it's all clear.

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    Re: Just saying, 'Howdy'!!!

    Welcome to the boards. If you love Boba you are in the right place. Just search ask and enjoy!

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    Re: Just saying, 'Howdy'!!!

    i am also new here and i can't believe the depth and dedication to boba. its amazing!!

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