iPhone app - problems

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    iPhone app - problems

    Hey all. Was curious if anyone else has noticed problems loading tdh links from within the iPhone app. Opening an external link (eBay or others) seems to be no dramas but whenever I try to open a link to an old post for example, it does nothing.

    Just trying to make it better for those of us who have to fett on the go

    Cheers. Dave .
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    iPhone app - problems

    Same thing happens to me.
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    Re: iPhone app - problems

    This is pretty easily reproduced by going to the Forums > Boba Fett Costume > All Soft Parts Templates sticky thread and tapping on some links. The app crashes for me.

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    Re: iPhone app - problems

    We are taking a look into this and trying to determine what is going on.

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    Re: iPhone app - problems

    What happened to the app? I can't seem to find it anymore in iTunes

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    Re: iPhone app - problems

    Me either

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