Introducing myself.

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    Introducing myself.

    Good day all.
    My Name is The Stig.
    Full name is Reece Hudson.
    Just thought I should do a little introduction to all of you.
    I originated from the 405th Forums, (Halo based costuming).
    However The attitude of the members there (Staff and members) really put me off.
    Because I was doing Un-Halo Related I was looked down on.
    I heard this is a great community just like the 501st, And decided to come check it out.

    I'm a slow worker, But my current Project is Helghast from the series: Killzone.
    Once that is finished (Which should be soon) I intend to make myself a Jango suit.
    I don't know what methods you use of building over here, But to put shortly I use "Perpakura" and make it from cardstock, Then reinforce with fibreglass, And add details with Body filler and sand it.
    I'm just going to guess you are all familiar with this technique. I'm sure i will find out in time.

    I hope I'm still welcome here even due to the fact what I'm making Isn't Star-Wars Related in the slightest.
    And hope I can still receive the respect and positivity I couldn't get from the 405th.

    Many thanks.

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    Re: Introducing myself.

    Welcome to TDH

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    Re: Introducing myself.


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    Re: Introducing myself.

    Hi buddy and welcome to The Dent.

    Most folks around these parts are fanatical fetts, members do have other props but that Common thread binds us together.

    Thing is once you find the dent of is hard to leave.



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    Re: Introducing myself.

    Hey Stig welcome aboard! Many members here use the exact same techniques you spoke of in your thread! Keep us posted on your projects, and please post your pics, we love pics!


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    Re: Introducing myself.

    Welcome Bro!

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    Re: Introducing myself.

    Welcome to our friendly board..!!

    Since you are used to Pep-ing i suggest you run a search for WoF (or Wizard of Fligh) and his awesome templates. He has nearly every peice of hardware there is on Fett on pdf templates ready for printing, cuting, pasteing and FGing..

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    Re: Introducing myself.

    Hello & Welcome Stig...

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    Re: Introducing myself.

    Thanks for all the Advice, Help and friendly welcomes.
    I'll be sure to check everything out.

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    Re: Introducing myself.

    welcome aboard, brother! this is a great resource for costuming techniques, and many individuals to lend a hand...we are family, and glad to have another addition!!

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    Re: Introducing myself.

    FettDad said: View Post
    welcome aboard, brother! this is a great resource for costuming techniques, and many individuals to lend a hand...we are family, and glad to have another addition!!

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