I think an "archived threads" section is needed

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    I think an "archived threads" section is needed

    Its probably just me, but certain threads should be kept from the same fate as others, and kept archived in a seperate forum, just like how the RPF has it.

    Granted, there can be stickies, but you cant make all the good ones stickies either. And ive noticed that even if you search for a particular thread that you once saw maybe a few months, even a year or more ago, that they are deleted.

    For example, such threads created, like about the only clear coat for rubb&buff, seeker's painting tutorial, I think spideyfett's visor screw mounting thread?

    Just stuff like that, IMHO should be kept


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    Re: I think an "archived threads" section is needed

    I agree that some of the great threads get lost in the clutter, I think that the wiki that is coming down the pike will help with this issue so that and archived thread section won't be needed, or will at least help find the threads that are the most helpful.

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    Re: I think an "archived threads" section is needed

    The wiki will cover all of this

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