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    Dec 13, 2008, 11:03 AM - First Armour Build #1

    Hi all, I have decided to try and make my armour. I used WOF templates and may I say they are super good. I was planning to make some armour using sintra or in the UK its called foamex (So heatshock told me :-p )
    I was looking all day and I cant find any one over here that sells it. The only bits I seen had signs on them. I remember then that I have some heating oil plastic drums in the shed. So I cleaned them off and started cutting templates of the armour out.

    I made sure that the templates fitted my frame and stuck them on my T-Shirt lol.

    My first attempt at cutting the parts out was dreadful. I cut them straight out from the drum with a kitchen knife. Then I tried to clean the edges up with sand paper but it was hopeless.

    The second attempt turned out better as I tried it a different way. I cut the ends off the drum and ended up with a ring of plastic and then cut it in the middle. I ended up with a flat sheet. From there I traced out the templates again and use a big pear of scissors to cut the plastic. The drum was only 2mm thick so it cut easy.

    I will not use this as my finial armour but it gives me a heads up for when I get the sintra/foamex and try for a better set.

    Any one from the UK know a good site for buying foamex? PM me pls

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    Dec 13, 2008, 11:07 AM - Re: First Armour Build #2

    The plastic from the drum is to thin and also to bendy. But hey it was not a waste as it was fun to do and did not cost a thing. Still going to buy BM armour when I get the green!
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