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    Feb 15, 2008, 4:53 PM - Didn't we just make a post like this? More TDH Issues. #1

    Fellow TDHers,

    In the past year we have had a tremendous influx of new members and with a dramatic increase in membership has come a plethora of new issues, especially in regard to buying and selling. As we have had both buyers and sellers PM us over the past few months, looking for help in various forms, I would like to take a few minutes to review our feelings on transactions that take place here at TDH.

    First, as is stated in the CoC, it is not the administrative staff's place to "police" every transaction on TDH. While transactions may take place between members at this board they are considered PRIVATE transactions and are not governed by TDH, nor will disputes be moderated by TDH’s staff. Private transactions simply do not fall under our jurisdiction, nor do we wish to become entangled in them.

    With this being said, from time to time the administration will step in to certain situations when there is a concern for the wellbeing of our members as a whole . Please understand that TDH does not approve of, or tacitly endorse, any form of trademark infringement. However, if we feel a seller is repeatedly taking advantage of our members, we will take administrative action to prevent that individual from posting in the Cargo Hold or, in the alternative, ban that individual. We do not want to be involved in these type of issues but from time to time our hand is forced due to gross misconduct.

    We have also noticed that many of our newer members have taken to complaining about prices, even of pieces they have bought themselves! If you paid for a piece you obviously were willing to accept the sellers price. Complaining about it afterwards is poor form and in bad taste. Because a certain piece is beyond your monetary means doesn’t make it overpriced. If a seller does overprice their wares, they won’t sell and the seller will either be forced to lower the price or sit on a lot of product. We do not support price-bashing.

    As is stated in our Cargo Hold Terms and Guidelines, a seller is free to determine whom they want to sell their items to and are not required to sell to any specific person. They may deny service to anyone for any reason. You are not entitled to any item a seller may offer. We would like to think that our sellers would not discriminate, but they often have their own reasons for not wishing to sell to certain individuals and we respect that right. We do not support members bashing a seller because they will not sell to you.

    Some have expressed their concern that no one is allowed to post anything negative, especially about a seller. That is simply not the case. While we prefer that disputes be handled privately, you are allowed to post publicly if you feel it will benefit the community. However, while you are welcome to post reviews or issues you have with sellers or buyers, it is absolutely a requirement that you remain respectful. Tempers rise quickly when money is involved but be sure to take the time to compose yourself before posting as you may find yourself in violation of the CoC for blasting another member. TDH is here to help each other. It is not here to be your person complaint board and is not a blog site.

    In all things, remember that we exist by the grace of LFL. Our entire hobby is more or less copy infringement but LFL is gracious enough to allow us to build and display our costumes. However, anyone who sells is susceptible to a C&D or even a lawsuit from LFL. We strongly encourage you to cease and desist immediately if asked to do so! We can not and will not “protect” you in these cases. By selling here, you accept that risk and understand that you stand on your own.
    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to post them here or PM me.

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    Feb 18, 2008, 1:27 PM - Re: Didn't we just make a post like this? More TDH Issues. #2

    Very well said...I personally couldn't agree more with every statement made.

    And I also see that TDH admins are doing a much better job of enforcing some of the CoC, which here lately is valid and needed.

    No one ever wants to see anyone get banned...but sometimes it is warrented...I should know, it's happened to me. Something I'm not proud of. But lessons are learned...sometimes the hard way.
    Plus Mirax doesn't like me... ...j/k Kristen.

    so...Here here!!
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    Feb 19, 2008, 4:17 PM - Re: Didn't we just make a post like this? More TDH Issues. #3

    well put
  5. Loanstar's Avatar
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    Feb 19, 2008, 4:22 PM - Re: Didn't we just make a post like this? More TDH Issues. #4

    thanks for that

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