Apologies and Thank Yous

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    Apologies and Thank Yous

    First, I have apologized previously for my lack of response here and for my lack of interaction as well as my total lack of response to PMs. Since I took on the RPF it has totally consumed me, but we are finally as a point where I hope to be able to spread myself around a bit more evenly. I have spent the last little bit answering over 160 unanswered PMs, some going back as far as a year!

    I apologize to those of you I didn't respond to more quickly and will endeavor to do better in the future.

    Thank you all for your patience. We have a lot of new and exciting things coming down the road! Can't wait to share them with you!


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    Re: Apologies and Thank Yous

    Im eager to see whats new and hot lol glad to see youll be around more art
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    Re: Apologies and Thank Yous

    We all know you've been doing an insane juggling act for awhile Art. I'm sure everyone understands, bruv. Regardless, its nice to see you around.

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