501st ID selection question

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    501st ID selection question

    Hi Everyone

    Now that my costume is coming together, I was curious about how one applies to the 501st.

    The instructions for choosing an ID are rather vague, and the forum was private, so I thought I would ask here.

    How do you find an ID? Are the IDs labeled "inactive" on the list available? I saw a few that said they were MIA since 2002 and were unnamed and had no affiliation.

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: 501st ID selection question

    Hi there, I am a Garrison Membership Liaison of the Neon City Garrison in Nevada. Now that you have a completed costume, you go to this section of the 501st's website:
    Join The 501st

    Once you fill in all of your information, first name, last name, address, other personal information, you are then asked to choose 5 TKID numbers.

    For a complete list of all 501st members and their TKID's, please click on this link here:
    501st Roster

    Where you are confused is number availability, when searching for a number you must find one that another member does not have.

    Let's say you search for the TKID 5195, it says Classified Record. Unfortunately, this number is taken by a member, and this number stays with that member forever.

    Now let's say you search for the number TKID 8614, this comes up as, "No record(s) found for 8614 in the category of tkid." This means that the number is available and no other 501st member has that number, and you are welcome to request the number for yourself.

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    Re: 501st ID selection question

    thank you for clearing that up for me

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    Re: 501st ID selection question

    The Carolina Garrison is a great group of people to. We hit events with them from time to time and they are just an extremely energetic and fun group to be around. You'll have a blast with them, and I'm sure I'll see you around at local events =)

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    Re: 501st ID selection question

    Yes I saw!! TK-1053 invited me to the forum. I am awaiting activation there now. I browsed the part of the forums that were public, and found my way to the Charlotte Fan Force! I had no idea there was such a large group so close to me. I figured all this happened in the cool states out west!

    Can't wait for the next event!

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