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    Hello my friends, long time away, I know. My wife and I after 4 years sold our condo in June of last year and moved into a house. I finally have a space to make my own and it is coming along nicely as my new Star Wars workshop/game/computing room. I am installing a 7.1 home theater with a small (sad to think of a 32"TV as small) tv for the space. I will have my workbench and desk on one side of the room. Sadly, I have to share my space with the laundry facilities and furnace of the house. No worries though, I will be removed from household activity and be able to focus on all things Star Wars. I am planning to get my Boba costume back up and running, plus some side projects of a scratch built AT-AT as well as a Star Destroyer. The site looks great, you guys have really worked hard at making this community something I treasure. I have some photos of the room so far that I will share. As I get to finishing, I will post those as well.

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