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Templar Mando

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    Re: Templar Mando

    Thanks for the info guys, I love my wife I just wish I could get her into star wars at all, much less dressing up in a sweet mando costume.

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    Re: Sacrifice my aluminum Jango armor that is already RnB'ed for my Templar concept?

    I gotta admit, when I saw the concept art, I was skeptical. A lot of cross-over designs don't translate well . . .

    But seeing the armor plating, I'd say your execution is excellent. From the photos, your level of realism is impressive.

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    Re: Templar Mando

    I don't know when supertrooper is coming back to this thread. But when you do, what diameter wire for the chainmail? and also, do you use anything like sauter (spell check) or something of the like, or do they automatically stay without a gap in them. I made some 4 in 1 out of loose leaf rings and they don't stay together well.

    BTW, its a good thing you chose not to use plastic, You would have had to purchase a numatic driven tube cutter and a lot of glue.

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    Re: Templar Mando

    Okay, this thread is ancient. But if you ever come back. Try some sort of hood on the top. I think the monk-ish hood with shoulder pieces on top of it looks awesome. This guy here has a "jedi mando" and it has the hood I'm speaking of.

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    Re: Templar Mando

    nice idea Strife! I might incorporate that into my already done templar Mando

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    Re: Templar Mando

    very cool concept of templar mando...very different

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    Re: Templar Mando

    I've always wondered what a Renaissance Mando would look like...

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    Re: Templar Mando

    Yeah, WOW Very Cool =)

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