Spray Paint Dilemma

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    Spray Paint Dilemma

    Alright. This is a strange post. I have always used Krylon Burgundy Satin for my gauntlets. My old set was painted with this, and it looked great colorwise. The problem is this. After painting my new FP left gaunt with my trusty burgundy satin, I ran out before I did my right. Upon going to Wal Mart, I discovered that they didn't sell it anymore, but instead, Burgundy Satin Designer finish. It's in a tan colored can now. I was pissed, cause this dries almost pink. I went to every other place in town, and all have been replaced with Designer Finish. I'm desperate, does anyone have a can??

    See, I told you this was a strange post..

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    Re: Spray Paint Dilemma

    Hey, I have more than half a can available if you want. By tomorrow I'll let you know if it's the same one you're talking about or not. Hope it's not the designer series one.


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    Re: Spray Paint Dilemma

    ooooh man, I hope it is! PM me when ya find out please!

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    Re: Spray Paint Dilemma

    I have some as well if you need it.


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