Slave 1 in 1:48 scale

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    Slave 1 in 1:48 scale

    Here's a side project I'm working on. The Fine Molds Slave 1 is 1:72. This will be significantly bigger. I've considered a 1:32 version, also . . .

    What you're looking at is the upper portion of the underside, where the radar dish attaches. The large notch at the bottom houses the main engine.
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    Re: Slave 1 in 1:48 scale

    Wow, this looks like its going to be a ton of work, but it will be so so so worth it in the end! Kudos on taking on a project like this, and good luck with it! Can't wait to see the final product!

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    Re: Slave 1 in 1:48 scale

    Scratchbuilds are always great! Good luck with this!

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