Ok, I'm working on my third suit of Mando armor. I did the trash can & sintra mixed. But now I have encountered a problem and was wondering if anyone else had the same issue.

I was baking (I use the bake on 200 for a cpl mins method) and things were going fine. I took out the plates and molded them directly on my girlfriend (who's gonna be wearing it). When i sat the plates down, the left chest plate was a totally different size. At first I thought that I just traced the pattern bad or cut it weird. But then I was making gauntlet bodies and the same thing happened. The left gauntlets were longer than the right, despite the fact that things were baked separately.

I never noticed such a dramatic expansion or shrinkage of sintra before and was wondering is this common? Obviously, I'm gonna have to remake the chest plates & this time bake them together so they are exactly the same.