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    [FONT=Arial]I am new to TDH and I am trying to make my own Boba Fett armor. I have been looking for a website in europe to buy sintra from. I have tried using sintras proper name of 'high-density polyvinyl chloride sheet' but havn't been able to find it in Europe so far. I could use some help if any one knows of a European company that can suppy sintra. btw I live in a town called Gibraltar a british colony at Spains most southerly peninsula. I might be asking much but I need to know that if there is a company in Europe that can supply sintra that it can also deliver cross country. thanks if you can help me.[/FONT]

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    Re: Sintra

    It's more commonly known as foamex in Europe!

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    Re: Sintra

    Try this website. I just ordered several sheets. It looks like they deliver International.

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    Re: Sintra

    Try this website. I tried to check-out and it looks like they do International shipping.

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    Re: Sintra

    Ty this site. They appear to handle INternational shipping,

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    Re: Sintra

    Not sure if you still need this info, but FOREX sheets are what you looking for. These come in different sized and colors.


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    Re: Sintra

    Did you get sorted out here buddy.

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    Re: Sintra

    also known as foam pvc in UK mate

    try the yellow pages locally and look for shops that make signs , - thats what I did in UK.

    Most of these shops will stock a variety of plastic eg acrylic, ABS, HIPS or foam PVC. btw HIPS works well too for making armour and general prop making

    this a local store I went too -

    on Gibraltar - some place like this should be able to supply you several sheets of either HIPS or sintra (ie foam pvc)

    oh yes - and welcome!
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