sculpting symmetry ? properly ???

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    sculpting symmetry ? properly ???

    hello all
    this is my first thread & post , i have been reading over this site for some time now & am completely inspired by the things people create , simply amazing .
    i am very delighted to have found this site with like minded & creative people .

    im looking for advice or direction on haw to properly create symmetry win sculpting a helmet out of oil based clay . it cant all releye on the human eye , can it ?
    i have thought about buying calipers but have no idea haw to properly use them , or if thay are even the desired method of determining symmetrical dimensions .

    btw its not a star wars helm , iv decided to start with my own design of a helmet first before i try to tackle a purely symmetrical helmet as a mandarin or a halo helm , to brush up & refine my sculpting skills as all i have behind me is sculpting that **** clay from poetry class so many years ago haha so i still have a little to learn but catch on quickly .

    any & all advice would be greatly appreciated .
    and marry Christmas
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    Re: sculpting symmetry ? properly ???

    when i started my clone suit, the first couple of pieces i was all crazy with protractors, compasses, rulers... then by the last pieces i wasn't measuring at all anymore, just doing it quickly by eye and moving on.

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    Re: sculpting symmetry ? properly ???

    For some armour pieces I just lay the foundations of the klay, sculpted one half in detail, then traced the outline in greaseproof paper and flipped it over for a mirror image, works a treat as long as you dont press too hard on the klay. Not sure if it'll work for a bucket though!

    And I would marry christmas if she'd have me, sorry couldn't resist !

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    Re: sculpting symmetry ? properly ???

    A good armature is the foundndation to start with, and cutting a few templates wouldn't hurt. If you cut a few outline templates of the helmet, you can use them to test if one side has the same shape as the other.

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    Re: sculpting symmetry ? properly ???

    thank you all very much as , i think i had the best results by fallowing all 3 of your advice's . it set me in the right direction .
    i have been sick and found out i have vertigo " good times " so all my projects are on hold for the time .

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