Scratchbuilt Vader ANH Saber

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    Scratchbuilt Vader ANH Saber

    Built from chrome sink tailpiece, sculpey, pvc, stainless steel, aluminum, wood, and bits and bobs from the hardware store.

    Size comparison with MR Luke saber.

    Perfect? Nah, but I'm happy with it.

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    Re: Scratchbuilt Vader ANH Saber

    From the pictures, I can't find any fault with it.
    Nice work, keep building!

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    Re: Scratchbuilt Vader ANH Saber

    Awesome, man!! A great build.

    I can't say I've seen a scratchbuilt vader lightsaber this good before.
    keep up the good work.

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    Re: Scratchbuilt Vader ANH Saber


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