Ribbed Rubber

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    Ribbed Rubber

    anyone know where to get ribbed rubber? like if it were flat, lookin at the end it looks like VVVVVV so it streatches and moves? flexible black.. thin.... ugg.. i needa find it... or rubber like material.

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    Re: Ribbed Rubber

    Try an industrial equipment catalog. They have no-slip mats for around oily machinery that sometimes has a pattern similar to that. It usually comes in different thicknesses also.

    Another good bet for ribbed-rubber is behind the counter at any 7-11.

    (just kidding about that last part but it was too good to pass up! ;-P)

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    Re: Ribbed Rubber

    ribbed rubber?? the family planning isle in your local drug store

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    Re: Ribbed Rubber

    but see those are UUUU shaped ribs not VVVVV shaped ribs ^_^ they wont do at all!!!! sides.. i got about a 40 pack I aint usin right now.

    Ive thought about it, and Possible decided to get lycra and just stitch the cotton cording under neath a layer to provide the UUU look, not exactly what I wanted, but seems cheaper, and Lighter, and cooler for ventelation. not to mention, itll bend better over my joints.

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    Re: Ribbed Rubber

    VVVVVVV type ribbing sounds like vinyl floor mat sold in many hardware stores. If the isn't stretchy enough, you might have to mold the floor mat and cast it in a urethane or silicone.

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    Re: Ribbed Rubber

    End result- For now.
    I think Iam going to go witha much more flexible, much more BREATHABLE, much lighter solution. Black spandex junk, its got a shiney finish with scale type design, dunno how else to describe it, but it looks amazingly like rubber. ill just sew some small cotton cording in it to give it a UUUU look. not exactly what I wanted, but Itll be snazzy enough.

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