Republic Commando bucket

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    Republic Commando bucket

    Hi folks,

    I'm starting to make a RC bucket. I got the inspiration when I saw one on eBay a few weeks ago now.

    I'm planning to make the base out of cardboard, make a two part mold and then FG the cast.

    Can anyone suggest what I should use to make the cast? Or any other suggestions/improvements you may have.



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    Re: Republic Commando bucket has a small section about RC, you might find some info there.

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    Re: Republic Commando bucket

    did you ever get your clonetrooper helmet shortimer?

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    Re: Republic Commando bucket

    Check ebay. There is a guy selling RC helmets all the time.


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    Re: Republic Commando bucket

    He does a heckuva nice job too! With the blue lightbar behind the visor!

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    Re: Republic Commando bucket

    I love that bucket. It's so awesome with the blue light and stuff. Tell me when you finish it.

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    Re: Republic Commando bucket

    not to ressurect this dead thread...but did you ever get your helmet done?

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