PVC Cement

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    PVC Cement

    Hey, Friend of mine gave me some things from his truck that he was cleaning out. Gave me some PVC cement. It has acetone in it. Want To Know If it can be added used on Sintra. I hear acetone eats plastic or is that a myth? Will it eat Sintra? Is it sandable?


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    Re: PVC Cement

    Well, Sintra is a PVC plastic. PVC cement should be good.

    Most adhesives like Krazy Glue actually chemically melt the pcs together.

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    Re: PVC Cement

    Hmmm....good one. I have both super glue and the pvc cement. Which should I use to fix a slight crack in sintra.

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    Re: PVC Cement

    Try the Krazy Glue. Just be sure you hold the part and put pressure to hold the crack together. Failing that, try bondo just to fill it.

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