PulsePistol For a Mandalorian?

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    PulsePistol For a Mandalorian?

    Do you guys think that a FarScape Pulse Pistol would be a suitable weapon for a mandalorian?
    Tell me your opinion of this question.

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    Re: PulsePistol For a Mandalorian?

    Personally... no. Sci-fi fans would recognize it as a Farscape prop.

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    Re: PulsePistol For a Mandalorian?

    ****. Can you tel me were to find a mandalorian weapon pepakura file. Preferably an EE-3 or something?

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    Re: PulsePistol For a Mandalorian?

    I hav e to agree with STG. If you use a weapon from another serial, fans are going to recognize it right off. Almost as bad as a painted, unmodded Nerf rifle.

    We have some guys making some really cool custom and canon Star Wars weapons over at Mercs in our Trading Station. Some are casted items that you'd have to buy from the prop maker to get... such as the DE-10, the JE-38 handblaster etc.

    However, we also have a guy making what he calls EE-2's and EE-1's. The EE-1 is basically an EE-3 without the stock and scope and the EE-2 is a handgun style based on the EE-3. He sells them for about 40.00 each however, they are easily made using a Hasbro Darth Vader or Anakin Skywalker lightsaber and an old Play Station revolver style video game gun. I purchased an EE-2 from him and just completed making my own. My own I used one of my kids broken lightsabers, purchased the revolver on ebay for about 10.00 shipped and used 1 tube of 2 part plumbing epoxy putty. Overall it cost me about 15.00 to do it myself.

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    Re: PulsePistol For a Mandalorian?

    I agree with all the above. When you use something that it noticeably from another popular genre, then you end up having to modify it so much for it to be "in universe" looking for Star Wars that it's not work wasting your time on.

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    Re: PulsePistol For a Mandalorian?

    I see. I must agree with all of you. Although I am trying to get the weapons without actually paying someone. But While I was waiting for replies I was looking at mandalorian pics and saw that some drawings of the mandalorians had basic weapons like a sawed off shotgun or a basic handgun with a mandalorian symbol an the handle.

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    Re: PulsePistol For a Mandalorian?

    hey i have same problem probably going to end up making my own using kids old toys

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    Re: PulsePistol For a Mandalorian?

    Using old toys (or even new ones) is my favorite way to make custom weapons. NERF guns are fun bases, but waaaayyyyy over used. Personally, I like cheap squirt guns and dart/laser tag guns from back in the day. Of course, building off an existing, real world weapon is a classic SW tactic that, as long as you modify it right, really can't go wrong.

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