Primer and R&B questions

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    Primer and R&B questions

    Okay, I'm working on some armor, and I need to know what kind of primer to use on plastic. The Krylon primer says that it's not for plastic.

    Also, when using Rub 'n Buff, can I paint over it afterwards?


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    Re: Primer and R&B questions

    i dont know if it has just been my luck, but painting over rub and buff did not work at all for me.

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    Re: Primer and R&B questions

    Why would you want to paint OVER rub n buff? I mean you can weather it lightly for effect but if you mean clear coat it to protect it, that will just dull the finish

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    Re: Primer and R&B questions

    For the designs on my armor. It's a custom, not a Jango.

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    Re: Primer and R&B questions

    If I remember right, RnB is wax-based, so that would probably lead to problems with paint adhering. If you clear coat it, it will lose the metal "luster" effect.
    Testors makes a line of paints called Metalizers. You can buff those after spraying them on to get a nice metallic effect. If you're planning to put a color-over-metal effect on your armor, that might be a better way to go. (Just my opinion.)

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    Re: Primer and R&B questions

    Hi Ceric. Kudos on deciding to make a custom Mando!

    I have a few questions for you about your project.

    What type of plastic you are using? (trash cans, sintra, for sale signs etc?)
    What type of paints you are planning to use? (What brand?)
    Will you be spray painting with cans or using an airbrush?
    What overall effect are you going for on the finished armor? By that I mean do you want armor that looks like it is steel with rust and wear or do you want it to look like metal armor that was painted and then damaged and weathered?

    Hopefully I can help once I know some of these things.

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    Re: Primer and R&B questions

    best paint for adhering to just about any plastic AND proving to be scratch off proof and very durable is Duplicolor brand paints. The Self Etching Primer (which only cames in a dark green unfortunately but can be painted over) has attached itself to all kinds of plastics for me, and can be painted over easily with other duplicolor paints. This stuff is a bit more pricey, but if you want spray paint that will adhere good, and most importantly won't be easily scratched or rubbed off, then try out some Duplicolor. You may have to go to your local auto-supplies store to find some.

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