Hey guys, long time no see!

Well with my ROTJ build coming to an end, I've started working on a few other costumes.

One that I've been wanting to build for a while is of Kankuro from Naruto (I am a multi-facited nerd).

kankuro-jpgThe unique thing about this costume is that the costume itself, is not the most Difficult thing about this build. The hardest thing to build will be the human-sized "puppet" this character uses as a weapon.
Named "Karasu" (Crow in Japanese), this puppet is roughly 4 feet tall and sports 4 arms multi-jointed.
here's a pic0-jpg.

Now, in the anime, this puppet is presumably made of wood, but since I lack the skill ang patience necessary for carving, I'll be using fiberglass.

The most difficult part of the puppet build will be the head. here's a pic of one that was made by someone else kankuro_crow_puppet_update_6_by_cheese_demon-jpg(not me) out of wood. any advise would help.