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    Mar 23, 2010, 1:27 PM - odd project (large pics) #1

    okay im starting a new project that is a bit off the beaten path around here, but honestly i think you guys are the smartest group out of the possibilities and i havent seen anything close to what im doing so i figured id pose a few questions here

    im actually building an iron man esque suit based off the gundam anime series (hopefully stuff that leads itslef more towards cosplay isnt taboo around here)

    ive already made a pep file based off of the gundam exia seven swords 1/60 model and am going to start the pep build soon, im planning on assembling the pieces seperatly (combining as many as possible together but leaving out the more ornamental pieces as doing a mold with those would be doomed to failure)

    so essentually the main question is what should i use for making the molds? the main pieces should be able to use a basic mold process (such as one you would use for an iron man armor) should i just use the same process but with small molds to make the ornamental pieces?

    i already plan on using crystal clear with some neon pigments for the clear green pieces im just trying to decide the best mold making technique for things such as the forehead wing piece (youll see in pics)
    and the jaw line extensions as those seem to be placed in a way that would make it impossible to do a one piece mold for the entire head (the same process would be used for similar parts on the chest BTW)

    By relicbeckwelf at 2010-03-23

    By relicbeckwelf at 2010-03-23

    By relicbeckwelf at 2010-03-23

    By relicbeckwelf at 2010-03-23

    By relicbeckwelf at 2010-03-23
    jaw extensions can be clearly seen here

    By relicbeckwelf at 2010-03-23
    green portion will be made using crystal clear and a neon green pigment unless yall have a better idea(its slightly curved and will have LED's installed for a glow effect)

    By relicbeckwelf at 2010-03-23
    head wing can be clearly seen here

    By relicbeckwelf at 2010-03-23
    breakdown of the head pep pieces, it seems as though i would be able to assmble it all minus what would be the green clear parts the jaw extender and the head wing and cast that as a single "helmet" and attach the other pieces later

    sorry about the wall of text, i hope its not a bother and im looking forward to yall's imput THANKS!
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    Mar 23, 2010, 5:31 PM - Re: odd project (large pics) #2

    Wow, man! That's incredible!
    I was never too huge a gundam fan, but the costumes people make are absolutely amazing!
    (not mine)
    Not sure if this is what you're goin for, or if you're making a costume at all, but either way I wish you the best of luck
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    Mar 24, 2010, 2:24 PM - Re: odd project (large pics) #3

    actually very similar to that

    i tracked down where that pic was from and it seem that his was made with cardboard and spray paint cans, you can even see in the pic where some layers of paint were thicker than others. so essentually a very similar build but with more detail and some changes. thanks for finding that for me ^^

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