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    Sep 4, 2007, 12:14 AM - Need Molds Made #1

    I need someone who can make duplicates of some Lego pieces for a project that I want to start on. The objects in question are masks from the newer Lego Bionicle series. I can say this much now: They will not be used in any way for copyright infringement.

    Here's what I need: about a half-dozen duplicates of each mask, cast in any material that is nice and solid, and will not start to melt the moment I take my Dremel to it, like plastic does. Also, I need the originals INTACT.

    At first, I'll probably only do maybe 2-3 masks, just to see how things work out; if it goes well, I'll be wanting more masks duplicated. Basically, my project involves modifying the masks to represent different forms of them that have been mentioned/shown, but are not going to be released by LEGO Group. I'm in the process of checking to see if selling copies of my versions would be acceptable, but even if it is not, my personal part of the project is legal in every sense of the word.

    So anyone who can do molds of the masks, please PM me for more info. I've got links to a couple of images of some of the masks I'm planning to work on below.


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    Sep 4, 2007, 9:36 AM - Re: Need Molds Made #2

    Hey Ceric, This is honker from Fl501st forums Check out Hobby Lobby here in Ocala. they'll have everything you need to create your molds and cast your final pieces/ masks in excellent quality. It isn't very expensive and is actually very VERY easy to do. I just started with molding and casting some scratchbuilt Mando parts and I was surprised at not only how easy it is to do but was completely amazed by the detail that was captured. Just an idea so you wouldn't have to pay to send the pieces off along with return shipping, supplies, and the process of having your molds made and your pieces cast. I didn't think I could do it at first but I knew it was something I wanted to try...and it is really easy.

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