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    May 10, 2010, 12:08 PM - My Gaffi Build #1

    Well, I have my Tusken costume now and I couldn't be happier with it. I finished my Gaffi last night. I used some of the tutorial at to make it. What do you think about it? Tell me honestly! I can take criticism!
    Started off with the Gaffi end from King Jawa (AmAzInG work on the Gaffi ends, cast from a real Fijian war club. You can check them out here:, some dowel rods, epoxy, epoxy putty, and some PVC couplings.

    I drilled a hole in the end of the Gaffi head to insert the larger dowl rod. Then I epoxied it in place then covered it with epoxy putty.

    I then began the process of whittling down the spear end.

    I made the fins from a plastic FOR SALE sign. (Thanks to freakengine for the fin pattern. You can get it here:

    I Dremeled out slots for the fins in the spear-end dowel rod and used epoxy and E-6000 glue to secure them in place.

    Sorry I didn't get any more pics of the build. Here's the finished stick:

    I used hot glue beads to simulate welds on the fins:

    I used the awesome woodgraining and metalizing techniques found here:
    Here's the cheapest place to find the Mohawk paints online:
    You have to use the exact paints or it doesn't come out right. Here's my next project:

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