Molds and casting

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    Molds and casting

    I have a 'template' (Not too sure what the right word is) for making some grenades.
    BUT Rather than cast them in resin, I want to cast them in latex (or some other rubbery substance) so that they're safe to throw at people.

    Any tips from you experienced casters out there?

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    Re: Molds and casting Try the expanding flexible urethate. You can make Nerf grenades.

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    Re: Molds and casting

    Hmm hadn't thought of that... I was more concerned about making the molds than what to cast them out of, I think mainly because I'd settled on liquid latex (something I keep plenty of around for making LRP-safe swords ... and lightsabers)

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    Re: Molds and casting

    silicone is probably best for the mold as the only thing that will stick to silicone is silicone itself

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    Re: Molds and casting

    I'll second that.. Silicone is wonderful stuff

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