Millennium Falcon table

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    Millennium Falcon table


    I'm building a Millennium Falcon table.
    I finished the 3D design and now i'm thinking about which techniques to use to make the Millennium Falcon.

    I was thinking about the following techniques:
    - Outsourcing to a CNC foam milling company and finishing the model with resin(/fiberglass) afterwards
    - Outsource to a 3D-print company after i made the model hollow instead of solid
    - Doing it myself using Papekura (Designer) and finishing the model with resin(/fiberglass) afterwards
    - ...

    Which method would you recommend? Any other suggestions are welcome too!

    Thanks a lot,

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    Re: Millennium Falcon table

    Not sure what to recommend but very excited to see the end result

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    Re: Millennium Falcon table

    cool idea doing it yourself is cheaper pepping it you'll be working at it a while ( insert cuss words on all the folding and gluing ) CNC foam would be cheaper and lighter vs 3D print

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    Re: Millennium Falcon table

    Thanks for the replies

    I contacted some local companies...
    CNC foam milling would cost me more than $1000 which is waaay too much.
    As you told me, 3D printing would cost even more...
    However, 3D printing of a thin skeleton of the ship would be around $400, which is still a lot, especially since the piece would still need a lot of work (and costs...) to finish.

    I still might wanna try to cut the skeleton in 20cmx20cm pieces so it wouldn't take a expensive giant 3D printer to make it.
    It might bring the costs down a lot... But the total volume of [FONT=ProximaNova-Light]683.6 CM[/FONT][FONT=ProximaNova-Light]3 w [/FONT]which still is pretty big will not change so i guess it will never cost less than +-$200 to print it...

    And if that doesn't work, i'm going to have to make it myself to keep it affordable.
    I've stumbled upon the technique of pepakura which seemed doable and cheap but since i don't really have a lot of spare time right now, i think it will become a project for during the summer

    If someone could point me in the direction of other possibilities which require less time to make and still not too expensive... shoot!
    your reactions are always welcome!

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