Metal Armor Project

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    Metal Armor Project

    Hello guys! I've gotten inspiration from guys like Wickedbeard who make excellent looking metal armor. The templates are from WOF. I've started on the right guantlet and backplate. For the guantlet I used 4 " aluminum vent tubing and for the backplate I used 19 guage aluminum sheeting. The guants are glued together using GOOP.

    The backplate is still too flexible so it must be reinforced with fiberglass. I will do that when it gets warmer so I can work outside. I am planning to update as I go along. Please let me know what you think and if you have suggestions. Thanks!
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    Re: Metal Armor Project

    Very nice work I like how it looks and hope it fits well anmd what not. Oh and good luck on all the parts your gona need.

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    Re: Metal Armor Project

    Good luck. It is looking good so far. This is a project I am very interested in, and look forward to watching you progress. Metal!!!

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    Re: Metal Armor Project

    looks like quite a journey ahead of you,.. cant wait to see the next steps

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