making Dents in armor

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    making Dents in armor

    Sup gang

    I have a set of bradly fetts armor and it lacks the dents was wondering what the easiest way of making dents would be

    I know the armor is abs/styrene not sure of the thickness though

    any help or ideas would be appreciated

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    Re: making Dents in armor

    One method that some people do is they will heat up a spot of the armor and use the handle end of a screw driver for some of the bigger depression.

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    Re: making Dents in armor

    I used a rock so it would have some irregularity to it and wouldn't be completely round.

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    Re: making Dents in armor

    when heating the armor will a hair dryer work or should I use something thats more focused on a single area

    also how long should I let the armor warm up for how long under heat is to long for abs

    thanks for the replies so far

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    Re: making Dents in armor

    High powered hair dryer will work. Heat gun is better and not too expensive.
    i find the plastic will turn a slight different colour. keep testing. just have to watch the surrounding plastic because it will bend if heated. Also keep the hair drying moving back and forth. I know on the heat gun if you keep it on one spot it really bends/warps that part that the heat is focused on.

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    Re: making Dents in armor

    Use the advice mentioned above. I'd try to use a heat gun if you have one available, but a hair dryer will work best on styrene. If ABS, definatly need a heat gun. Just be patient, it may take a bit for it to get going. Since your only making depressions, heat the spot and JUST the immediate surrounding area, because when you push the object down to make the depression, it's stretching the plastic, so if your not careful, it can tear. Only do the immediate area because you don't want to runthe risk of warping an unintentional area

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    Re: making Dents in armor

    If you just want to heat a little part with precision, use a lighter. This will give enought precision to do it accurate without heating unnecesary parts. That way FP did his dents on the V.2 knees.

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    Re: making Dents in armor

    Hmm, I never thought of adding dents.
    Good idea for my custom mando armor.
    Thanks for the tips and making em look real!

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